Welcome to me ! , again

Hey guys ! welcome to my blog (it's not my first blog. lol) My name's Zxine # I created a new blog for everyone who want to be my friends ;p I love inspiration, but I also aspire to inspire. I'm a little awkward at times, so please bear with me. I want to dress for myself, not for anyone else. I originally made this account to join my English blog, I'm started my own in July 2011. Thanks for visiting, lovelies. (:

I'm a huge retard,but my friends seem okay with that. I guess im a nice person,but just don't make fun of how asian I am. I LOVE clothes,hair thingies,and makeup.I CANNOT go out ANYWHERE without any of those things on me.LOL. I have the BIGGEST crush EVER on this one guy.but don't worry,it's not going anywhere.haha trust me.

 I hate bugs/crawling weird looking things. 
there's a HUGE difference in me between what I look like in pictures,and in person.so if we're planning to meet up,don't expect alot..I dont want you to be suprised.LOL.