Fashion with Google

Hey Guys ! I'm so sorry for my absence just because I have anything to do with my foolish life and now I'm back for blogging again ^______________^Today is such a beautiful day. I woke up late and drinking tea and certainly, I'm surfing internet and looking some pretty things and I found something like that
Fashion Show with Google ! awwww, really pretty but it's really short but, I hope you'll smile when you're watching till the end :D enjoy it guys.



This is my number one idol that I love her for long time. Mika inspired me that I want to be like her in everything. She's my favorite artist for me she’s the only one fashionista on j-pop stage. I love watching her performances not just for her angelic voice, but also for her beautiful clothes she’s usually wearing. and yeaah, So cool that one of my favorite role models Mika Nakashima got to be in one of my favorite movies Resident Evil. Finally she still be the top of my heart forever.


MINK PINK Global Campaign 2012.

Hello, Today is a lazy day again for me. I'm surfing the internet for a long time sicne this morning, Because I don't have anything to do. I just woke up too late and my mom blaimed on me awwwwww, really really bored but I still happy with surfing internet and I just found some of a lovely shots accidentally like MINK PINK Global Campaign 2012 it's really lovely. I just love how bright, vibrant and colourful these campaign images are. They really make me nostalgic of my childhood days, too! Love it!